LinkedIn is impressed

imageI was happy to receive this email from LinkedIn and just accepted their request. I hope that I will hear from them on how they will use the information that I am providing.

Sharing my updates and content on LinkedIn gives my work greater visibility and also supports what’s stated in my profile but, most importantly, creates opportunities for discussing and exchanging views with a number of other LinkedIn members, which helps me with gaining new insights as well as growing my network with relevant contacts.

Taking advantage of content visualization in my LinkedIn profile empowers me to convey facts, ideas and abstract concepts, which would otherwise be harder, or even next to impossible, to share. LinkedIn enables me to communicate in ways that are visually appealing and more effective beyond what’s stated as part of my profile. This is very rewarding when I receive messages that discuss my work and propose new opportunities.

My experience is that LinkedIn works as advertised and keeps getting better. Adding content to my profile makes it far easier for anyone to quickly see what I am about. The more open, the more compelling the results. My believe is that showcasing your thinking and work demonstrates talent, illustrates what makes you relevant and displays your potential.

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