IIT Real Time Communications Conference 2013

“IP and cloud computing are democratizing innovation, disrupting the status quo and creating new business opportunities in a once again thriving communications space. It is estimated that the cloud computing marketplace will reach $16.7 billion in revenue this year, double what is was in 2010 according to a research report by 451 Market Monitor.”

“In the cloud age, telecommunications, enterprise systems, web and media are no longer worlds apart. Open source initiatives are permeating the industry’s fabric across the board, no silo is left untouched. Developers can now quickly assemble and deploy engaging multi-media experiences by leveraging web-based technologies with which they are familiar . Network operators and system integrators are providing both connectivity and applications that can accelerate the virtualization of network functions, and make the most sophisticated communications platforms open and agile.”

“Communications enabled processes are also revolutionizing automation while embracing human factors engineering. The elasticity of these systems enable businesses of all sizes to take advantage of resources that were only available to large corporations in  the not so distant past. Best of all, our increasingly dynamic life and work styles are taking advantage of all the above when we instantly connect and share experiences in real-time and it works any time.”

“But, are there grey clouds ahead? What actually is the cloud?  Are there competing technologies? Are there other service offerings and applications you should be aware of?  Is the cloud right for your business? What are the risks and the real costs? Join us in Chicago, one of the world’s leading centers of cloud computing infrastructure as our speakers and panel of experts delve behind the curtain and peel away the layers of hype and confusion.”

IIT Real Time Communications Conference 2013


I am glad to share that I am working with Warren Bent, Content Director, and Dennis Goodhart as a Co-Chair for the Cloud Track and hope to see some of you there ; ) When working on the above abstract, our goal was to convey a sense for what’s going on right now as well as a brief sample of the kind of questions that are floating around. My take is that the debate on whether to embrace cloud based systems or not is no longer as relevant as the conversations that many of us are engaged in to focus on tangible steps. This is now about making the most of a new wave of solutions and innovating in the process.

Cloud Communications is part of a portfolio of sessions as follows:

This conference is hosted by IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology, and is lead by Professor Carol Davids, Director of the RTC Lab. Speaking of communications, this is the kind of event where speakers address questions from the audience and also stay around to make themselves available to anyone interested in furthering the discussion. My experience in previous editions was very positive. This conference draws a very interesting crowd representing both established and emerging players, as well as network operators and a variety of service providers and solution vendors. Over the years, IIT’s RTC Conference has doubled as a meeting point for industry and academia to jointly explore what’s next.  


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