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A week has gone by since my talk at IIT Real Time Communications. That’s clearly an eternity in terms of social media. So, does it make sense to get into the Oct 15-16 discussion captured in the picture so many days later?

Frankly speaking, I had to prioritize work projects involving pressing milestones. A conference call was just postponed this morning. So, I managed to free up a bit of time to figure out what is it that these guys are talking about.

I would first need to let Sarah know that what she twitted is “NOT” what I conveyed in my presentation. Here is why:

  • SDN was unveiled in 2008 while the ETSI group working on NFV was first announced in 2011.
  • There are current examples of SDN implementations handling live traffic. The NFV projects that I am familiar with happen to be at Proof of Concept stage.
  • Given SDN’s 3 year head start and scope, I think that is just fair to think that it benefits from a much higher degree of awareness out there.
  • In terms of popularity, a quick web search reveals x10 results for SDN, compared to NFV.
  • There is also the fact that media attention to SDN acquisitions made it a more popular subject, no doubt.

However, when I read Sarah’s stuff it looks as if she was thinking about a beauty contest between SDN and NFV, favoring one instead of the other. I work for a company that has launched compelling solutions in both domains, Nuage Networks and CloudBand to be specific. The bulk of my work focuses on NFV and in any case you can check out some of the slides that I created for this presentation.

Interestingly enough, Kevin Mitchell talks about SPIT-ing on that. A day later, Ray Le Maistre states what’s wrong and what’s right based on a tweet that wasn’t correct anyway. By the way, SPIT refers to “Service Provider Information Technology” – “new term describing the evolving set of non-traditional telecom (and data networking) technologies that allow for a greater degree of flexibility in the creation, management, delivery, and monetization of new-generation communications services.” See

I see that these guys are just having fun with this and, perhaps, it is just better to let it go.

Though, there are people who attended the conference and brought this to my attention even today because they are not amused but puzzled . Hmm.

imageI ended up replying with a link that displays this post.

Thanks again to those of you who insisted that this worth addressing.

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