See you in Barcelona



First, I’d like to thank those of you who have already kept in touch. I am looking forward to meeting you Barcelona. I would also like to credit @EdElkin1 and @ALU_Cloud for retweeting my earlier post on this topic:

I also plan to attend Mobile Monday’s Mobile Sunday and TechCrunch + Bubble Over Barcelona.

Here is an updated schedule:

  • Sun, Feb 23 – Cocktail Party held by UBM Tech’s Light Reading and Heavy Reading teams.
  • Sun, Feb 23 – Mobile Monday’s Mobile Sunday
  • Mon, Feb 24-27 – Alcatel-Lucent’s booth at Mobile World Congress: Where Mobile Meets Cloud – Cloud Communications Platform – demo station 2A.
  • Mon, Feb 24 – TechCrunch + Bubble Over Barcelona.
  • Wed, Feb 26 – Conference and dinner organized by the Society of Telecommunications Consultants.

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