Celebrating Pare Manyanet’s 50th Anniversary


Upper row:  [me]   I   J.Jané, Vice President, Parliament of Spain   I   C. de Francisco,  Economics Councilor, Barcelona’s Les Corts District   I   A. Correas, Professor  I   Fr. C. Funes, Principal I   Lower row:  J. Capel, Professor  I   Fr. M. Muñoz, Principal   I   [ me]  I   I. Rigau, Education Minister, Government of Catalonia   I 

I just came back from celebrating my high school’s 50th anniversary and was very happy to get together with faculty and guests after all of these years.

I would like to take this chance to thank Fr. M. Muñoz for his kind invitation and look forward to reconnect at the incoming alumni reunion later in the year.

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