Innovarista’s viewership registered in 20+ countries


The above chart lists countries ranked by viewership. I would just like to share that couldn’t be happier about’s traction after having written just 30 posts.

I would like to express my gratitude to those of you who are visiting as well as anyone connecting over other other platforms such as the ones listed on the right side of this blog, all of which are showing growth metrics too. I am also grateful to Nowspeed’s Olivier Sartor whose social media training makes all the difference and to Cindy Bergevin who is heading Communications for Cloud at Alcatel-Lucent.

Innovarista’s activity levels are very encouraging and I will continue to develop content for my blog. At the time of writing this, my thinking is to keep sharing insights on (1) “innovation management,” (2) “marketing for high tech” and (3) opinions on the specific set of “cloud computing” topics that my work focuses on. I think that it might also make sense to write a bit more about (4) some personal experiences. I also need to do work on various pages, which are now shown as placeholders.

Interestingly enough, innovarista’s social media engagements are mostly converting to one on one conversations over more conventional conventional tools such as LinkedIn personal messaging, email, phone calls and meetings. I am assuming that this has to do with the consulting nature of these interactions and, perhaps, sociodemographics for a professional community less inclined to leave open comments over social media.

My take is that the more anyone looks into engagement metrics and web analytics, the more we value the benefits of direct personal interactions and undivided attention. Quality conversations trump quantity in this case. This chain reaction leads to stronger personal relationships and high reputation levels where it actually matters.

Thanks again and greetings from Chicago.

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