See in you in Chicago and in Tucson.



I will be glad to meet at any of the following in the next few months:

Chicago, IL, April 2 – Attending THE EXCHANGE by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, @ChicagolandCmbr

Chicago, IL, April 14 – Attending PRESENTING DATA AND INFORMATION by Edward Tufte, @EdwardTufte

Tucson, AZ, May 13-15 – Speaking at COMMUNICATIONS QUALITY AND RELIABILITY by IEEE Communications Society, @ComSoc

Chicago, IL, June 1-3 – Member of the steering committee for the CLOUD AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT by CIO Visions, @CIOVisions

Chicago, IL, June 17-18 – Alcatel-Lucent sponsors the BIG TELECOM EVENT by Light Reading, @Light_Reading, @ALU_Cloud, @Alcatel_Lucent

See you there.

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