Cloud Track @ IIT Real-Time Communications Conference & Expo.


Communications expertise is hot property once again:  Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19B, Snapchat snapped up AddLive before anyone else realized how great their service was.   Emerging service providers  and power players alike have embraced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  while newer solutions such as WebRTC (Real Time Communications) happen to make inroads in the telecommunications sector.  Additionally, leading network operators are gearing up for VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) in a world that is increasingly dominated by mobile experiences and the cloud’s pervasiveness and ubiquity.

Cloud communications thrive where IP (Internet Protocol), cloud computing and telecommunications technologies collide, disrupt and release new value.  The impact is clearly revolutionary and its effects are only just starting to be felt.  Adding communications to any application, service and business process is creating engaging experiences:  just look at Airbnb and Uber in their use of communications; and Amazon Mayday is transforming customer support.

Has the web won in telecommunications?  Many network infrastructure and interoperability challenges remain while new other start to surface;  and critically customers expect communications just to connect where reloading a browser window to get a call working is not acceptable.

The cloud communications vision is compelling, it is a revolution in the making. But, there are many challenges ahead.  Join us in Chicago, one of the world’s leading hubs of cloud computing infrastructure and digital services as our speakers and panel of experts delve behind the curtain and peel away the layers of hype and confusion.


The IIT Real-Time Communications Conference is designed as a collaborative event where industry and academia connect.  This annual gathering brings together: thought leaders, innovators, technical professionals and business executives from a variety of digital and telecommunications industries, as well as representatives from: communities, standards bodies, analyst houses, consulting firms , policy and regulatory institutions, and researchers and educators from academia.

IIT Real-Time Communications celebrates its 10th Anniversary and remains committed to promoting open exchanges, idea sharing and vigorous debate to lead future developments in the rapidly changing field of communication services.


Call for speakers:

Everyone living at the intersection of voice, video, messaging, mobility, cloud, …, web – innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, product managers, …, marketers – can take advantage of meeting with 300+ fellow real-time communications visionaries from throughout the globe. IIT’s Real Time Communications Conference & Expo is comprised of the following tracks:

  • Web & Emerging Technologies (WebRTC)
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Networks, Platforms and Applications
  • Policy and Regulatory
  • Cloud Communications

Please note that our audience expects meaningful talks and thought provoking content, overt sales pitches will not be accepted.  Presentation proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee as they are received.  Ongoing notifications of acceptance will be made based on relevance and speaker qualifications.   

Interested in being there?

This is IIT’s Real-Time Communications Conference & Expo’s 10th Anniversary.  Our experience is that, year after year, participants manage to expose and excite new concepts in the midst of an industry that’s constantly changing.  We foster a community environment where valuable conversations and idea exchanges are not constrained to the time slot assigned to a given presentation and, therefore, strong collaborative relationships are enabled as a result.


Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago : )


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