imageTwo months have already past since I was headed for Tucson, AZ, to present at IEEE CQR 2014. This is an annual technical conference attended by professionals and executives working with communication systems.  These are technologies focusing on networking gear, platforms as well as the community of developers behind a growing variety of digital services for consumers, enterprises as well as the public sector.

Once again, I am glad to share that my talk on NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) was well received.  I am now following up on requests to make it available to anyone interested in the subject.  At the time of writing this, NFV is mostly relevant to those following cloud computing technologies specifically engineered for telecommunications industry.  See below the presentation materials that I created and unveiled at this conference.

CQR stands for Communication (Systems) Quality and Reliability.  Therefore, RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) was a dominant concern, especially when looking at emerging technologies developed for software defined environments and whether any benefits coming from the most innovative solutions might also involve trade-offs, which can even offset any gains, in terms of performance, interoperability and security.  The fact is that cloud computing’s new challenges can, interestingly enough,  be best addressed with cloud solutions in the making.


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