Discussing Design in 2020

This post just features those events that I am joining this year, which are listed in reverse chronological order. Please note that these are all virtual events and that there is a mix of public conferences and invitation-only sessions.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved and would also like to highlight that the unsung hard work and passion of those making things happen behind the scenes should not go unnoticed.

While the scale of 2020’s volatile conditions happens to deliver unprecedented challenges for our generation, we should not loose sight of the many excellent examples of resolve, entrepreneurship and goodwill across the board.

I am thankful for these opportunities to be part of these activities as the participants’ willingness to share insights and wisdom makes a difference and furthers progress in everyone’s best interest. I also regret having declined some other invitations due to scheduling conflicts. Hope that there will be other opportunities to cross paths in the near future.

Nokia PDC 2020 is open to Nokia Employees at the Chicago Technology Center.

Open to Illinois Institute of Technology students.

Invitation Only Webinar.

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