Jose de Francisco

Head of Venture Studio and Senior Creative Director @ NOKIA SOFTWARE

Distinguished Member (DMTS) @ BELL LABS

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  • CMP’s Design & Innovation Advisory Board. Jan 2019 to present.
  • Nokia Technology Leadership Council. Jan 2014 to present.
  • Nokia CTC, Chicago Technology Center, Leadership Team. May 2019 to present.




Jose de Francisco is Head of Venture Studio at Nokia’s Software Group and a DMTS, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, with Bell Labs.

His 20+ year experience encompasses multi-disciplinary leadership responsibilities in: business unit strategy, product & portfolio management, research & development, as well as project & program management. Jose has worked with Bell Labs on next generation platforms and is passionate about Human Centered Design and Human Factors Engineering.

He is a Member of the Advisory Board at the Design & Innovation council, and has also served at the advisory boards of institutions such as MIT’s Institute for Data Systems and Society and IIT’s Entrepreneurship Center. He is the recipient of an MBA in International Marketing and Finance from Chicago’s DePaul University as Honeywell’s Be Brilliant Scholar, and also holds a degrees in Business Management from Ireland’s University College Dublin, and Human Factors Engineering from BarcelonaTech and Industrial Design from Escola Massana Art & Design Center. He can be followed on innovarista.org

Portfolio Sample

Worklife Project Portfolio - 1.jpg



  • Method and Apparatus To Enhance Security And/Or Surveillance Information in A Communications Network. United States, US8775816.
  • Multicasting High-Definition Video Content To Consumer Storage. Japan, JP5525619.
  • Multicasting High-Definition Video Content To Consumer Storage. South Korea, KR101353103.


  • Cross-Domain Privacy Management Service For Social Networking Sites.
  • A Method And Apparatus For Secure Payment Using A Network Connectable Device.

See all abstracts on patents.justia.com

International Awards & Recognition

  • CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS SCIENCE FAIR Judge, Five Year Service Anniversary, 2017.
  • DUBLIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Research Grant 1995. Dublin, Ireland.
  • HONEYWELL EUROPE Futurist Award 1993. Scheveningen, The Netherlands.
  • HONEYWELL S.A. National Futurist Award 1993. Madrid, Spain.
  • CONVERSE Concept Design Award 1992. Victoria, Spain.
  • GENERAL ELECTRIC PLASTICS Design Award 1991. Barcelona, Spain.
  • EPSON Young Technical Journalism Prize 1991. Barcelona, Spain.
  • EPSON Young Technical Journalism Prize 1990. Barcelona, Spain.

Company Awards

  • NOKIA Applications & Analytics ‘Intra’-preneurship Finalist 2017. San Jose, USA.
  • NOKIA Innovation Award, Product Category First Prize 2017. Espoo, Finland.
  • BELL LABS President’s Award Finalist 2015. Paris, France.
  • BELL LABS  Americas Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Award 2012. New Jersey, USA.
  • BELL LABS Americas Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Finalist 2009. New Jersey, USA.
  • BELL LABS Americas Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Semifinalist 2009. New Jersey, USA.
  • LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES Global Service Providers Unit Leadership Award 2000. New Jersey, USA.
  • LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES Microelectronics Division Employee-to-Employee Award 1997. New Jersey, USA.


Professional Certificates:

  • DATA SCIENCE – From Data to Insights*. MIT Professional Education. Online, 2016.
  • DATA SCIENCE – Big Data & Social Analytics*. MIT Experiential Learning. Online, 2016.
  • LEADERSHIP – Stretch Leadership Program*. Alcatel-Lucent University. Naperville 2011.
  • INNOVATION – Leading Product Innovation. Harvard Business School. Cambridge, 2009.
  • PARTNERSHIPS – Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances*. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Evanston, 2004.
  • INNOVATION – Strategic Integration of Technology and Business Solutions*. Graham School, University of Chicago. Chicago, 2001.
  • MARKETING – Global Marketing*. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1999.

*Sponsored by Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Lucent Technologies.

Graduate Degrees:

  • MARKETING & FINANCE – MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Marketing and Finance (IMF). Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, DePaul University. Chicago, 1996-98. Sponsored by Honeywell Europe.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – DBS (Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies). Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin. Dublin (Ireland), 1996. Sponsored by European Social Fund (ESF.)
  • ENGINEERING – Industrial Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineering). Postgraduate Program, BarcelonaTECH – Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC.) Barcelona (Spain,) 1991. Sponsored by Fundacion Mutua General de Seguros (MGS.)


  • DESIGN – Industrial Design. Art and Design Center, Massana School. Barcelona (Spain), 1988-91. Sponsored by Epson Iberica Awards.


“I worked closely with Jose while at Alcatel-Lucent for over 5 years and was constantly surprised with the sheer energy, brainpower and focus that Jose brought to every project. He has a solid understanding of the markets and emerging trends and is exceptionally talented at not just identifying opportunities to innovate but also at developing actionable plans and executing upon them with laser sharp focus in the middle of ambiguity. He is great at distilling complex challenges and communicating them very effectively to his team and leadership. Jose was our COO for the entrepreneurial venture ‘Voolant’ at Alcatel-Lucent resulting in a highly innovative and disruptive solution for multicasting personalized high definition video to consumers. Jose is an innovator, out-of-the-box thinker, a leader and a great presenter who gets the work done.”

Jitender Singh, Director / General Manager – Cloud Solutions Business at Avaya.

“Jose is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. Furthermore, he is extremely methodical in his approach and definitely a person to rely upon for advice and counsel. In my 35 years of experience in dealing with professional people, he ranks at the very top of my list.”

Moises Goldman, Managing Partner at M&J Acquisitions.

“I worked directly for Jose for about three years at Alcatel-Lucent. Jose’s primary characteristics as a leader included boundless creativity, energy and enthusiasm. He also instilled a business perspective in those working for him, resulting in a number of promotions from his group. He represented Alcatel-Lucent and was a major contributor to a number of external industry activities related to the process of innovation. Overall, it was a pleasure and a real learning experience working with Jose.”

John Amos, CEO at Medical Technology Consultants, LLC.

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jose on several high-level projects. Jose is a strategic thinker, highly motivated and very conscientious. He will do whatever it takes to see a project through—from the research phase, to analyzing the data, to delivering the results in an impactful presentation. If I were asked to lead an important project, Jose would be one of the first persons I would enlist for help.”

Jeff Grau, Principal Analyst at eMarketeer.

“Jose has a tremendous ability to spot emerging technologies, identify the business opportunity, and formulate a plan to exploit. His innate intellectual curiosity is remarkable, as a result he’s always three steps ahead based on his own initiative. He is a dynamic speaker, able to capture and hold an audience, and he creates fantastic demos and visuals which bring to life the topics he is presenting. Jose is one of a small group of people that I have worked with in my career that is always “moving the needle” in terms of his daily impact on the business and organization.”

Jeff Cortley, Senior VP, Solutions & Product Management at Alcatel-Lucent.

”Jose is a top talent product manager! Excellent experience with Intelligent Networks products, offerings, and customers worldwide. Always a true team player! Always seeks and executes win-win solutions. I highly recommend Jose!”

Michael Buckler, Senior VP, Business Development at Tekmark Global Solutions.

“Jose is a highly innovative thought leader in Telecom. He has remarkable insights into customer, organization and market behavior. He brings lot of energy, innovation, drive and positive outlook to any group.” 

Ram Gollakota, Director, Product Management at Alcatel-Lucent.

“Jose is a highly motivated innovator and thought leader who is widely respected by all he works with. He has the unique influential ability to inspire through his vision of the future of the wireless world and emerging technologies. Jose is also a great people manager who understands the importance of developing talent to its full potential in accordance to needs and direction of business. His experience, creativity, vision and leadership abilities have positioned Jose to be the successful and influential business leader that he is today. Jose is truly an asset to any organization that he chooses to lead.”

Marci Snyder, Program Management at AT&T.

“Jose possesses a high level of intellectual curiosity and enthusiastically shares his knowledge and expertise. I could always count on Jose to provide my team with informative presentations about the latest emerging technologies that could be leveraged over the service provider platform and solutions we were building. Jose we generous with his time, provided good insights, and was eager to engage others in the pursuit of future innovations.”

Beverly Maddalone, Owner / Principal Marketing Consultant at BMA Solutions.

“Jose’s passion for effective design, and representation of data in a concise way so that the information of a project is clearly-understood, is pervasive in every presentation he makes to customers and senior management. He is unique because he continually uses new technology and software to increase efficiency, drive results, and stay focused on the execution of the program. I always learned something new from Jose.”

Grace Alcivar, Director, Vertical Programs – Healthcare at Corning.

“I had the privilege of being Jose’s coach/manager in the Intelligent Networks (IN) product management and marketing organization. He demonstrated initiative and passion in his work on the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) offer. I relied on his expertise to support customer bids and presentations. I highly recommend Jose.”

Carl Bergstrom, Offer Development Manager at AT&T Mobility.

“I have worked very closely with Jose and continue to be inspired by his creative spirit. I believe his greatest strengths are the envisioning of completely new ideas, and equally important, conveying those ideas to others in compelling and understandable ways. He possesses a unique ability to intuitively understand the complexity of things, while enabling others to effectively “experience” them by identifying and extracting the salient elements. Seemingly unrelated concepts are creatively merged to provide something better, something new, something exciting. He is regularly tapped by executives for his ability to think outside of the box.”

Dave Benco, Chief Data Scientist, Intellectual Property Business Group at Alcatel-Lucent.

“Mr. de Francisco has a particular flair for design and presentation, both of argument and visual layout. He is an excellent communicator. It is clear to me that he is committed to excellence and rising to the full challenge of whatever he undertakes. I find him to be a principled, reflective and earnest individual who injects creativity and spirit into the tasks he undertakes.”

Maeve Houlihan, Director, Teaching and Learning at UCD School of Business. Dublin (Ireland.)

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