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2019Nokia on Design Thinking, AI and starting with what users need.
2019QXbD, Quality Experiences by Design – Research Notes, Part 1.2.
2019QXbD, Quality Experiences by Design – Research Notes, Part 1.1.
2019Design Thinking 2019 Interview – Part 3.
2019Design Thinking 2019 Interview – Part 2.
2019Design Thinking 2019 Interview – Part 1.
2019The Impact of Groupthink in Decision Systems.
2019Chicago’s Tech Reloaded + Nokia CTC.
2018QbD and Digitalization’s need for Designing Quality into Solutions.
2018Being Digital in the DX Age.
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2017Nokia’s First Prize for Product Innovation goes to LeanOps.
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2017Interview for Design Thinking 2017.
2017Belated New Year Wishes.
2016Human Factors Engineering: Celebrating HFE’s 70th Anniversary.
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2016Chicago Innovation Challenge 2016.
2016Human Factors Engineering at NASA.
2016Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day and STEM.
2016Human Factors Engineering: Leveraging IoT and Mobile Sensing Networks with Big Data and Social Analytics.
2016Human Factors Engineering: Modeling Personas.
2016Human Factors Engineering: Big Data & Social Analytics to #MakeTechHuman.
2016Innovation Management Essentials: Situational Awareness.
2016LeanOps Videos.
2016Innovation Management Essentials: Impactful Demonstrations.
2016Innovation Management Essentials: Elegant Sophistication.
2016Lean Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Operations.
2016Belated Happy New Year.
2015Lean NFV Ops: Scaling Basics.
2015Lean NFV Ops: Automation and Self-Service.
2015Lean NFV Ops: Demonstration Script.
2015Marketing High Tech: Content Distribution.
2015Marketing High Tech Notes.
2015The Mother of All NFV Demos.
2015Belated Happy New Year.
2014Celebrating a New Patent.
2014Is OpenStack Enough to Support NFV?
2014Network Functions Virtualization Business Case. (2)
2014Network Functions Virtualization Business Case Digest.
2014Real Live Photography is Key to Better Content.
2014Approaching NFV Readiness and Maturity Levels.
2014A Canvas for a Lean Creative Brief.
2014The Art of Delivering Quality Content.
2014Rare Blood Moon Eclipse.
2014Events Are Experiences.
2014BCG’s Ahead of The Curve: Technology Leaders Outperform With Cloud.
2014Abstracts as Key Content Units.
2014A Social Media Paradox?.
2014Innovarista’s Worldwide Viewership.
2014Write Once, Post Anywhere.
2014Valuation in The Cloud Age.
2014Innovator’s Behaviors.
2014Chicago’s Cool Polar Vortex.
2014Demystifying The Fast Emerging Carrier Cloud. (3)
2014Network Functions Virtualization: From Vision to Reality.
2014Getting 2014 Started.
2013Innovation Rankings.
2013Demystifying The Fast Emerging Carrier Cloud. (2)
2013Demystifying The Fast Emerging Carrier Cloud. (1)
2013LinkedIn Is Impressed.
2013Where Do Good Ideas Come From? (3)
2013Where Do Good Ideas Come From? (2)
2013Where Do Good Ideas Come From? (1)
2013Some of The Many Innovator’s Dilemmas.
2013Coopetition In The Cloud Age. (2)
2013..Coopetition In The Cloud Age. (1)


2021Design Thinking 2021: Driving AI/ML with QXbD, Quality eXperiences by Design.
2020Discussing Design in 2020: Design Thinking (FR), Digital Summit, Design Thinking (US), Illinois Tech, Nokia PDC.
2020Design Thinking Digital Summit: Actively Designing to Values, DtVs.
2019Nokia PDC19- Annual Professional Development Conference.
2019Nokia Studio @ Service Design 2019.
2019Nokia Studio @ Digital Product by Design 2019.
2019Nokia Service Operations Center #TMFDigital 2019.
2019Nokia Human Factors Engineering 2019 – #MakeTechHuman.
2019Design Camp @ IIT Institute of Design.
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2018Nokia Human Factors Engineering 2018. (1)
2018The Rise of Digital Support Systems and the Integrated Workspace.
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2018IEEE CQR, Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct Session.
2018Software’s Defining Age. (2)
2018Agile Software in a Hardware World. (1)
2017Nokia @ Service Design Week 2017.
2017Executive Forum on Digital Transformation, DX.
2017Chicago’s CIO Forums on Digital Transformation, CX and Big Data.
2017Nokia C3LM @ Service Design Week 2017.
2017Nokia HFE2017 Human Factors Engineering Conference.
2017Tim Goldrein on Behavioral Sciences and Breakthru Innovation.
2017Chicago Science Fair 2017.
2017Nokia LeanOps @ Mobile World Congress 2017.
2016Gearing for Informa’s Back End of Innovation (BEI) 2016.
2016Back from Mobile World Congress 2016.
2015Lean NFV Ops @ Carrier Network Virtualization 2015. (2)
2015Lean NFV Ops: Communication Networks Reloaded at Intel CNV.
2015Lean NFV Ops @ Carrier Network Virtualization 2015. (1)
2015Lean NFV Ops: Back to the Future at Dell World 2015.
2015Lean NFV Ops: Communication Networks Reloaded at IIT Real Time Comms 2015. (2)
2015Applying LEAN Principles.
2015Lean NFV Ops at GSMA North America.
2015Lean NFV Ops at IIT Real Time Comms 2015. (1)
2015Lean NFV Ops at Intel’s Data Center Day.
2015Lean NFV Ops: Back from Intel Developers Forum IDF15. (2)
2015Lean NFV Ops: Gearing for Intel Developers Forum IDF15. (1)
2015Alcatel-Lucent’s NFV Innovation Day 2015.
2015Mobile World Congress NFV Demo: Back by Popular Demand. (6)
2015Mobile World Congress and the Mother of All NFV Demos. (5)
2015Mobile World Congress: Day 0, Ready to Impress. (4)
2015Mobile World Congress: Day -1, Conducting Onsite Dry-runs. (3)
2015Mobile World Congress: Day -2, Let’s Run a Quick Recap. (2)
2015Gearing up for Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2015. (1)
2014Alcatel-Lucent Featured as The Most Innovative Solution Provider at Broadband World Forum 2014. (2)
2014See the Cloud at Broadband World Forum 2014. (1)
2014Alcatel-Lucent at IIT Real Time Comms 2014.
2014Techstars Demo Day in Chicago.
2014NFV Economics and Business Case: Discussion at Software Telco Congress 2014. (2)
2014IIT Real Time Communications: Cloud Tract Outreach. (2)
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2014Network Functions Virtualization at IEEE Comms Quality and Reliability.
2014Cloud Track @ IIT Real-Time Communications Conference and Expo. (1)
2014IEEE CQR: Communication Systems Quality & Reliability in The Cloud Age.
2014See You in Chicago and Tucson.
2014Alcatel-Lucent at Chicago’s Science Fair.
2014Cloud at Network World IT Roadmap.
2014Mobile World Congress 2014, Week in Pictures.
2014Mobile World Congress 2014: NFV’s Defining Moment. (2)
2014Gearing up for Mobile World Congress 2014. (1)
2013Hmm… (2)
2013.IIT Real Time Communications Conference 2013. (1)


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2020My new job: Nokia Software Chief Designer.
2020Nokia Software’s Venture Studio – Summer Internship Program 2020.
2019Nokia Studio: Summer Internship 2019.
2018My first 2+ years at Nokia.
2016Eight Months at Nokia: Quick Personal Recap.
2016Joining Nokia.
2014Joining the Technology Leadership Council at Alcatel-Lucent.
2014Meeting Alcatel-Lucent’s CEO at the Cloud Innovation Center.
2014My First Half of 2014 at a Glance.
2014Celebrating Manyanet’s 50th Anniversary.

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