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Please note that in 2012 I retired Consultaglobal, my former personal blog on innovation management featuring 600 original articles and 500,000+ views.


  • “Human Factors Engineering Manifesto” – Nokia. April 2017. English.
  • Advancing the Human Factors Manifesto” – Design Thinking 2017 Interview. IQPC, January 2017.
  • Lean NFV Ops” – Alcatel-Lucent. July 2015. English.
  • Getting To A Segment Of One. Making Communications More Personal” – Enriching Communications Volume 2 Issue 2. Alcatel-Lucent. June 2008. English.
  • “Challenges Impacting Ergonomics In The World Of Design” – INSHT Magazine, Spain Department of Labor. 1994. Spanish.
  • “Advancing Intergenerational Product Design” –  Research project sponsored by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). June 1994. English.
  • “Ergonomics: Human Factors Engineering” –  Documentation Center. Defense Department of Spain. May 1992. Spanish.
  • “Information Technologies, Society and Industrial Design” – Marcombo Boixareu Editores, 1991. Spanish.
  • “Information Technology Olympics” – Marcombo, Boixareu Editores, 1990. Spanish.


  • “Introduction To Fast Break” – Clinic Issue 24. Spanish Association of Basketball Coaches. 1994. Spanish. 
  • “Science And Life Quality: Transgenerational Design” – Revista Sagrada Familia Issue 1,441. 1994. 
  • “Science And Life Quality: The Human Factor” – Revista Sagrada Familia Issue 1,336. March 1993. Spanish.
  • “Sport And Design” – Revista APA C.P. Manyanet. June 1992. Spanish.


  • “Human Factors Engineering” –  Course Materials for LAI Design School. Self-publishing, 1993. Spanish.
  • “Inside Basketball: School Age And Street Basketball Manual” – Self-publishing, 1994. Spanish.

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