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Styleguide under review. In the meantime, what follows is my former guidelines for this blog.

EXTERNAL LINKS:  Links to source articles and other miscellaneous materials are outlined in each blog entry. Third party links posted on this blog are provided to credit content sources as well as a convenience to you.  Please note that this does not constitute an endorsement of any information, products or services contained therein. Additionally, specific rights as well as terms and conditions might apply to those materials.  Please check terms of use with their respective authors and/or owners.

COMMENTS: Readers’ comments, entries written by guest bloggers, tips sent by email, information provided through an RSS feed are legally considered information provided by other content providers, which this blog is not responsible for. I reserve the right to review all comments posted here and to remove those that would not contribute to a meaningful and respectful discussion.

SPAM AND SPLOGS: Unfortunately, the number of automated splogs is growing. These are phony blogs where I’ve seen quite a few of my articles duplicated. Many do not credit the source and some even make up a fake author’s name. Spam also is an issue of concern that, for example, can negatively impact comment threads with unsolicited and dubious advertisement as well as, potentially, malicious links, neither of which this blog is responsible for.  Additionally, please note that this is not an error-free channel as information could be hacked, intercepted, modified, corrupted, lost and destroyed.

STYLE GUIDE:  Quotations and citations are shown in italics and between quotation marks while adaptations are displayed just in italics. Regular type font is used for my own original contributions. All sources will be referenced in each blog by providing links if known and available. The Copyright Act states that “fair use…for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” The law favors “transformative” uses — commentary, either praise or criticism, better than straight copying.

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