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Lean NFV Ops @ Carrier Network Virtualization 2015


This turned out to be another intensive year (more on that in my next post) and the above pictures capture our team’s presence at Carrier Network Virtualization, the last public event on the Lean NFV Ops program for 2015. I like to thank Christie Rice for her invitation to present at Intel Network Builders Summit in Palo Alto, and couldn’t be happier to hear that my presentation, Communication Networks Reloaded, was well received (see slides below) by the workshop participants. I would also like to thank Sue Morehouse with our Events Team and Andy Mast at the Cloud Innovation Center for all the work that went into getting our team organized for CNV15.


Photo album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskptDZXC

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Lean NFV Ops: Communication Networks Reloaded @ Intel CNV Workshop

“This workshop will focus on the Intel Network Builder Fast Track program pillars – optimization, interoperability, and integration – which align to some of the key challenges the industry faces as we transform the network.  Presentations by Intel and many of our ecosystem partners will focus on successes and how to work together to resolve some of the remaining challenges. High level agenda topics include: solution optimization success stories, solution blueprints and integration success stories, interoperability challenges and standard benchmarking efforts. And, don’t forget to join us for drinks, appetizers, and conversation at the networking reception at the end of the day 5:30pm – 7:30pm. For further information, or to register for the Intel® Workshop & Network Builders Reception, please contact Owen Lochner.”  – Carrier Network Virtualization, Crowne Plaza, Palo Alto, Monday November 30th 2015 from 1pm-7pm.


Once again, out team thanks Intel for the opportunity to feature the work of Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) on Lean NFV Operations. This time around, I will join Intel’s “Architecture for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Workshop” at Carrier Network Virtualization 2015. Here is the talk’s info:

Title: Communication Networks Reloaded

Abstract: Innovation is prompting a new wave of dynamic and contextual communication experiences. These are based on fast evolving cloud applications whose growth is placing relentless demands on service delivery and network performance. Basic expectations on agile service launch and effortless lifecycle management are challenging conventional architectures and business models, which are now commonly referred to as “legacy”. Equally important, the Present Mode of Operations (PMO) and siloed organizational behaviors can impair new capabilities. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) involves a set of emerging technologies and has been the subject of numerous Proof of Concept (PoC) projects to date. Shifting to production environments and “going live” faces new chasms that can be crossed with end-to-end service level orchestration and by adopting and evolving “Lean” design and operational practices. This tech talk discusses findings and insights from the “Lean NFV Ops” program at Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC), which this year alone has interfaced with 1,500+ industry representatives worldwide.

Bio: Jose de Francisco is a Director at Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC). His experience in the high tech sector and software business includes leadership responsibilities in product line management, partnerships, marketing and strategy. Jose has worked with Bell Labs on next generation mobile platforms and holds three patents. He is a Member of the Advisory Council at MIT’s Engineering Systems Division and the recipient of an MBA in International Marketing and Finance from Chicago’s DePaul University as a Honeywell Europe’s Be Brilliant Scholar. Jose also holds a postgraduate degree in Human Factors Engineering from Barcelona Tech and his endeavors can be followed on innovarista.org and @innovarista.  


See you there ; )


Lean NFV Ops @ Carrier Network Virtualization 2015

“Informa Telecoms & Media is delighted to reunite the global SDN & Network Virtualization community for this comprehensive SDN and NFV event for the carrier community, packed with case studies from the pioneers at the very forefront of SDN and NFV advancements worldwide. Set in California, the heartland of SDN & NFV solutions, Carrier Network Virtualization brings the industry together to discuss Carrier Class SDN from a unique strategic carrier-led perspective.”Alcatel-Lucent Events Site + FREE CARRIER PASS!


Our team is gearing up for CNV15 (see highlights above) and would first like to thank Sue Morehouse with our Events Team and Andy Mast at the Cloud Innovation Center for all support provided… and work in progress : )

2015 is not yet over but as we approach the year’s end I can already share that this was a very intensive year for the Lean NFV Ops Roadshow. By the way, that was true from the get go: our success at Mobile World Congress triggered an immediate and, most importantly, lasting chain reaction. CNV15 is my last stop as far as industry events for this year, while we keep going strong with private workshops for network operators.

Speaking of which, I need to credit the good work of our team in Mexico for all efforts that went into the sessions we delivered a couple of weeks ago in partnership with Bell Labs Consulting. Quick side note: Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful cyclone ever, got downgraded as it greatly weakened at landfall, though we managed to experience some pretty weird hailstone storm in Mexico City. The fact is that Mexico was kind to our team and we couldn’t be happier about customer feedback received during and soon after the workshops.

Now back to CNV: our conversation on Lean NFV Ops synthesizes learning capturing a wealth of insights acquired in face to face discussions involving 1,500+ worldwide individuals (network operators, partners, analysts and public officials) engaged in this year’s roadshow. Our two-way sessions with network operators and, sometimes, three-way activities involving partners have doubled as first hand primary market research with substantial critical mass.

We have not only managed to validate Lean’s value and our holistic approach to operating NFV in today’s environment, but also followed up on invaluable customer insights. That kind of interaction has shaped up a virtuous circle making the Lean NFV Ops program an industry asset transcending our work. If interested, feel free to stop by our CNV15 booth, though it is best to work with our team in advance to get a session scheduled.

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks in Palo Alto.