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Lean NFV Ops @ Carrier Network Virtualization 2015

“Informa Telecoms & Media is delighted to reunite the global SDN & Network Virtualization community for this comprehensive SDN and NFV event for the carrier community, packed with case studies from the pioneers at the very forefront of SDN and NFV advancements worldwide. Set in California, the heartland of SDN & NFV solutions, Carrier Network Virtualization brings the industry together to discuss Carrier Class SDN from a unique strategic carrier-led perspective.”Alcatel-Lucent Events Site + FREE CARRIER PASS!


Our team is gearing up for CNV15 (see highlights above) and would first like to thank Sue Morehouse with our Events Team and Andy Mast at the Cloud Innovation Center for all support provided… and work in progress : )

2015 is not yet over but as we approach the year’s end I can already share that this was a very intensive year for the Lean NFV Ops Roadshow. By the way, that was true from the get go: our success at Mobile World Congress triggered an immediate and, most importantly, lasting chain reaction. CNV15 is my last stop as far as industry events for this year, while we keep going strong with private workshops for network operators.

Speaking of which, I need to credit the good work of our team in Mexico for all efforts that went into the sessions we delivered a couple of weeks ago in partnership with Bell Labs Consulting. Quick side note: Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful cyclone ever, got downgraded as it greatly weakened at landfall, though we managed to experience some pretty weird hailstone storm in Mexico City. The fact is that Mexico was kind to our team and we couldn’t be happier about customer feedback received during and soon after the workshops.

Now back to CNV: our conversation on Lean NFV Ops synthesizes learning capturing a wealth of insights acquired in face to face discussions involving 1,500+ worldwide individuals (network operators, partners, analysts and public officials) engaged in this year’s roadshow. Our two-way sessions with network operators and, sometimes, three-way activities involving partners have doubled as first hand primary market research with substantial critical mass.

We have not only managed to validate Lean’s value and our holistic approach to operating NFV in today’s environment, but also followed up on invaluable customer insights. That kind of interaction has shaped up a virtuous circle making the Lean NFV Ops program an industry asset transcending our work. If interested, feel free to stop by our CNV15 booth, though it is best to work with our team in advance to get a session scheduled.

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks in Palo Alto.

Lean NFV Ops at Intel’s Data Center Day.

“In the network space there is a big opportunity for growth.”  “The communications industry is moving to a cloud based infrastructure […] with standard high volume servers in a virtualized environment running in a dynamic, automated way.” Diane Bryant, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Data Center Group. Intel Data Center Day. Santa Clara, August 27, 2015

“This is probably the most exciting time to be in network infrastructure.”  “It is a market at an inflection point.”  “Until now communications infrastructure has been built on purposely built fixed function appliances.”  “Network service operators spend roughly $160B a year on equipment […] and run a $2.2T services business.”  “Most of that has historically been a voice based business, but with more and more users and more and more devices connecting to the network you see an explosion of data traffic.”  “This is creating an upside-down business problem where, sometime in the future, it will cost them more to deploy, operate and maintain those networks than the revenue generated.”  “The answer to that problem statement is to adopt many of the principles of data center and IT infrastructure and cloud […] to take advantage of volume server economics and virtualization technologies, and to pool resources and assets across a number of workloads.”  “By the way, Alcatel-Lucent is demonstrating [NFV, Networks Functions Virtualization] here this afternoon. You will see pretty sleek demos.” Sandra Rivera, Vice President Data Center Group, General Manager Network Platforms Group. Intel Data Center Day. Santa Clara, August 27, 2015.

Note: the above is a collage of selected quotes, which have been edited for readability. Listen to the source webcast for the actual talking points and context.


Alcatel-Lucent Team (from left to right): Jose de Francisco, Bob Haddlelton, Ted East.

Last week our team went back to the Silicon Valley to join Intel’s Investors Day focusing on Data Center technologies in Santa Clara. The event’s agenda included presentations, a data center tour and several demonstrations. Here is the link to the webcast covering the executive talks.

The demonstration area showcased Intel’s projects and featured Alcatel-Lucent as a pioneer in the carrier cloud space and a member of Intel’s Network Builders ecosystem.

You can see Ted East running the Lean NFV Ops demo in the above pictures. We both ended up engaged in parallel conversations when addressing questions from different investors gathering at our demo station. By the way, our team was also present at both of Intel’s Network Builder and Partner Summits as well as at the prominent Developer Forum (IDF). All three events were held in San Francisco the previous week:

At last week’s Investors Day our team continued to validate interest in Lean NFV Ops practices, which call for:

  • operational effectiveness tied to highly efficient utilization levels
  • starting and remaining lean at any scale, this being key to dynamic networks.

As quoted above, the telecommunications industry is shifting gears by adopting general purpose computing in the form of x86 technology. We discussed NFV’s (Network Functions Virtualization) service agility subjected to real life RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) scenarios, as well as performance expectations and smart load placement in that environment.

We talked about the role of EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness) and data plane acceleration in particular: DPDK (Data Plane Acceleration Kit) is a packet processing example leveraged by Alcatel-Lucent teams working on sophisticated network functions such as vEPC (Virtual Evolved Packet Core) and Rapport’s vIMS (Virtual Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem). Some of the discussions included Intel’s storage compression optimization as well.

Here is a quick outline of the solutions involved in the current version of the Lean NFV Ops’ end-to-end demonstration system:

Last but not least, this was another very rewarding event and there is a need for thanking Bob, Andy for demo support and Intel’s Jon, Lisa, Christie and Jeni for all of the help provided this past week.


Photo Album: Lean NFV Ops at Intel’s Network Builders, Developer Forum and Investor Day.

Lean NFV Ops: Gearing for Intel Developers Forum 2015.

“Intel® Network Builders is an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs), operating system vendors (OSVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), system integrators and carriers, coming together to accelerate the adoption of network functions virtualization (NFV)- and software-defined networking (SDN)- based solutions in Telco networks, public, private enterprise and hybrid clouds.”About Intel Network Builders.

“We see IDF15 as a partnership. Intel and Developers/Makers/Technologists. We’ll share our vision and technology leadership […] Join us on August 18-20, San Francisco, Moscone Center.”Intel Developer Forum.


Glad to share that our team is returning to IDF. We had a terrific experience last year and are looking forward to IDF15. This event is quickly approaching: just 11 days away at the time of writing this.

IDF14 was kind to us. In addition to opportunities to meet with customers and partners, as well as discussing the latest on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Alcatel-Lucent was featured as “Best in Show” jointly with Microsoft and Lenovo. Moreover, our CloudBand platform was the recipient of the Software and Services Award.

SNAGHTML27a3255bThe above short video introduces the demonstration system that we are deploying this year. By the way, TelecomTV displayed this clip in a Proof of Concept (PoC) section created for NFV demonstrations from a variety of vendors.

However, please note that our demonstration is not a PoC. The Lean NFV Ops system features commercially available solutions from Alcatel-Lucent and our partners, all running on CloudBand 3.0 Clicking on the right picture will take you to Intel’s page on our platform.


SNAGHTML27da3a14CloudBand is comprised of two distinctive solutions: Nodes that can be easily deployed as part of the carrier’s Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and the prominent Management System which delivers the Management and Orchestration (MANO) platform.

By the way, NFVI and MANO are terms outlined in the NFV reference architecture provided by the working group focusing on this topic at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

CloudBand’s node automation software runs on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware, these are x86 systems. Intel’s CPUs power Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center’s (CIC) showcase.

At IDF15 we will also discuss boosting packet processing in context of the Data Plan Development Kit (DPDK) engineered to enable x10 performance. In the meantime, Alan’s article provides quick insights on what this mean to Virtual Network Functions (VNF) such as the Evolved Packet Core (vEPC). See reference links below.

This is relevant because the Lean NFV Ops demo deploys a fully virtualized and completely functional Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) system from the ground up. This needs the vEPC and the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) working together.

Long story short, we’ll be making live 4G video calls onsite with this system, which we showed at IDF14 already. This time around our team will also conduct a number of sophisticated lifecycle operations involving maintenance events with full service continuity: zero downtime, all transparent to the end user mobile broadband experience.

Basically, you will see not last year’s PoC but a live demonstration system with real solutions in action. We are now operating in an end-to-end environment tested in real time by a variety rainy day scenarios. Additionally, we will cover high availability (HA), smart placement, dynamic scaling and root cause analysis (RCA) among other key topics. Last but not least, we’ll share Bell Labs’ research findings on automation and NFV economics. There is even more new stuff… 

SNAGHTML27c47ba5Speaking of cloud communications and the user experience, the team at CIC has integrated Intel’s RealSense technology so that we can take advantage of 3D cameras.

Better yet, instead of just making a VoLTE call with 4G phones as shown in the above video, we will be using Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) as part of the experience. This means using ubiquitous web browsers on any kind of mobile device and/or conventional desktop.

My understanding is that RealSense comes from Intel Perceptual Computing looking into immersive communications and gesture based user interfaces. By using Personify’s application our demo captures, cuts out and projects the end user’s face and body which is then seeing as video overlay. This means that we can any backgrounds of our choice.

This can be experienced as a form of Augmented Reality (AR) where a person, who is at his/her home, is seen by the other user as if he/she was in a museum room: moving around, stopping next to pictures of interest and having a real time video conversation. This happens in the context of a video call where both end users are comfortably talking from home.

By the way, we’ll be brining another interactive gadget with us which works with Intel’s Galileo board. But, you will have to come to IDF to play with that one. Just ask for the “Whack-a-Mole” : )

We will be glad to meet at IDF. Feel free to stop by our booth and/or to schedule a meeting:

EVENT: Intel Developer Forum 2015.

VENUE: Moscone Center in San Francisco. August 18-21.

BOOTH: Network Builders Community #173.


I will be speaking at:

EVENT: Intel Network Builders Summit.

VENUE: The Westin Saint Francis. August 17, 1:30 pm. Room Elizabeth.

PANEL: “The State of Management & Orchestration (MANO)”

TWITTER: #IntelBuilders

TWITTER: @ALU_Cloud, @CloudTed, @ValerieNoto, @Innovarista

@Alcatel_Lucent, @MOTIVE_ALU, @nuagenetworks, @BellLabs, @ALU_Rapport

I also plan to attend the following two IDF Mega Sessions:

“5G: Innovation from Client to Cloud” with Sandra Rivera and Aicha Evans.

“Making The Future… with You” presented by Genevieve Bell.

See you there.

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