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Alcatel-Lucent @ IIT Real Time Comms.


Alcatel-Lucent’s Naperville team fostered our partnership with Illinois Tech (the Illinois Institute of Technology) by joining an impressive list of sponsors and contributing with speakers to the Real-Time Communications Conference’s 10th Anniversary. As in past editions, Carol Davids, Conference Chair, and her team managed to deliver one of the best regarded technical events in this fast evolving space.

imageI took these pictures at Ted East’s keynote. Ted is the Vice President of Alcatel-Lucent’s CIC (Cloud Innovation Center).

His presentation was centered around a live demonstration illustrating a step-by-step deployment of a sophisticated end-to-end solution comprised of an EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) with both being onboarded in real time as VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) on a CloudBand Node.

The node performed as a multi-app-tenancy environment and is equipped to be set up in a highly distributed architecture. CloudBand is also well known by its Management System, this is the common platform orchestrating and automating the VNFs’ life cycle. I will refer you to ETSI NFV Use Case #5 on the Virtualization of the Mobile Core and IMS if interested in more background information about the demo’s purpose.

The end result was a live VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) service that network operators can now deploy and right scale at a fraction of the time when compared to conventional architectures. Ted was then able to browse the internet and make a voice call using 4G’s mobile broadband capabilities and IP (Internet Protocol) on the spot.

This demonstration also illustrated NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Networking) working together as other applications were added, such as Anti-Virus and Parental Controls to name two examples. Traffic was dynamically routed to best manage network capacity.


Ted’s talk was one of the highlights of the Cloud Track, which I co-chaired with Alan Quayle and greatly benefited from Warren Bent’s tireless support, the conference’s Content Director.

Ed Elkin, Anne Lee and myself delivered talks in break out sessions covering VoLTE, WebRTC and NFV respectively.

Vijay Gurbany and I also joined well followed panel discussions.Vijay spoke at the Cloud/SDN/Big Data session and I participated in the one moderated by Light Reading’s Elizabeth Coyne with:

  • AT&T’s Mike Paradise
  • Vonage’s Alan Bugos
  • Allianza’s Ryan Higgings

Our panel was preceded by three 15 minute context setting presentations and the actual discussion dealt with the following 15 items:

  • Are telcos right to be concerned about performance in a virtualized world?
  • What can be, or is being, done to mitigate those concerns?
  • What technologies are in the pipeline that will help address performance concerns?
  • Can open platforms provide the requisite security for a telco environment?
  • Does their open nature make them more vulnerable? What are the implications of openness?
  • In a virtualized world, is the reliability of software more important than the underlying hardware’s reliability?
  • How does open source help the cause?
  • How are scalability issues being addressed?
  • Is it more of a hardware or a software issue?
  • How will the evolution of NFV colliding with movement towards the cloud play out?
  • What are the most critical implementation issues when deploying VNFs?
  • Will network PoP be easily transformed into data centers?
  • How can data center operators ensure the feedback loop to support service guarantees?
  • Do telcos have the skill set to be able to support NFV?
  • Do you think that NFV, along with SDN, is an opportunity for architects to think about networking differently?


Here is a quick note to share that Elizabeth recently launched The New IP. Light Reading’s new site focuses on the business of managing and orchestrating state-of-the-art virtualized IP networks. The blogging team includes other well known industry analysts such as Ari Banerjee, Caroline Chappell, Tom Nolle, Carol Wilson and Ray Le Maistre to name some.

By the way, a big thank you to those of you who followed my session on NFV Economics after having to reschedule from Tuesday’s “prime time lineup” to Thursday’s “last talk of the conference” due to a last minute scheduling conflict on my side.

I would also like to thank Nokia Network’s Andrew N. Rollins most sincerely for his very kind introduction, which I am humbled by, and for allowing this business case talk to take 60 minutes given the attendees’ interest (instead of just using the 30 minute slot set for this session).

Post event feedback was very positive given the speakers’ credentials and, most importantly, the high quality of the talks and follow up discussions throughout this three day professional gathering at IIT’s facility. This conference was a source of insights worth sharing and deserving blogging some more, which I am hoping to do in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’d like to refer you to:

I also need to thank Tom Costello, who is in charge of the conference’s Public Relations, for his support, understanding and patience as well as congratulate peer conference chairs for what turned out to be successful event raising the bar and expectations for next year’s XI edition : )

  • Mobile Networks, Platforms and Applications – Maureen Stillman, Mission Critical Wireless, and Chris Mayer, Solstice Technical Consulting.
  • Web & Emerging Technologies – Alan Johnston, Avaya.
  • Next Gen 9-1-1 and Regulatory Policy – Bernard Adoba, Microsoft.
  • Internet of Things – Sateesh Adepally, Cisco.

I’m posting this without further delay and will get back to add some more hyperlinks later on.

Techstars’ DEMO DAY in Chicago.

“More than half of the companies are Chicago-based, which doubles the amount of local representation we had last year and is a testament to the power Techstars has to further establish a city like Chicago as a destination for tech startups. Of the 10 companies, six hail from Chicago, with international startups representing Israel and India. Two other U.S. startups, based in Miami and Nashville, round out the list […] we hit the ground running on May 27th and it will be a three month sprint to Demo Day from there!”

10 New Companies for Techstars Summer 2014 Chicago Session” by Troy Henikoff.


Yesterday I made it to Techstars’ DEMO DAY, which featured presentations by 10 startups and was held at the iconic House of Blues in downtown Chicago. Today’s Crain’s John Pletz blog starts by discussing NexLP’s “wow effect” since CEO Jay Leib announced closing $2M in funding at the end of his presentation and in an event geared toward the angel and venture capital community.

I met Jay last month at 1871 during a mentoring session and was impressed by: his vision linking “big text” to “big data,” his consulting background, the team’s experience skill set, a robust foundation and tangible progress already made. NexLP is about “next generation analytics and visualization technology that dramatically reduce enterprise costs related to eDiscovery, froud investigations and compliance.”  That vertical presents an immediate and quite substantial business opportunity definitely worth first addressing. NexLP’s technology could eventually power solutions in other areas such as customer experience and relationship management in communication technology markets.

All 10 startups did an excellent job and got high marks. This was an impressive event and there is a need for congratulating everyone involved. Given my work’s focus on communication networks, I was mostly interested in learning about Telnyx and Gamewisp, in addition to NexLP.

David Casem, Telnyx CEO, defines his company’s business as “enabling universal voice communications via the web, regardless of application and device type,” which he positioned as a disruptive CSP (Communications Service Provider) competing head to head with conventional telcos (network operators) and well known VoIP (Voice over IP) enterprises. I also met David and his team last month before my going to Software Telco Congress. Kelly Littlepage, Telnyx CTO, discussed cost efficiencies delivered by “switches that are virtualized, cloud based, distributed and not dependent on legacy architectures,” coupled with highly efficient routing algorithms, which his proven experience on high frequency trading technologies equips him to lead with. Telnyx is already generating revenues and my recollection is that David highlighted opportunities in the call center sector.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Gamewisp before Demo Day. CEO Michael Anderson discussed quite eloquently on stage how his company “gives gaming celebrities the tools to interact with their devoted fans and monetize their content.” Content focuses on game pros with large followings. Gamewisp’s experiences involve gaming video broadcasts, live events and communications. This is a marketplace for video content based on end user subscriptions rather than ad-revenue.

IIT’s Real Time Communications is now a month away, the event’s agenda is pretty much all set, but I think that it would be great to feature NexLP, Telnyx and Gamewisp if they were available to present.

Chicago’s Demo Day showcased two keynote speakers, Tom Ricketts, Founder of Incapital and Owner of the Chicago Cubs, delivered the opening keynote; then Desire Vargas Wrigley, CEO of Giveforward, spoke after the intermission. Both talked about lessons learned by doing. Tom outlined the following:

  • the need for a compelling vision driven by customer emphasis and empathy
  • courage and conviction as well as honest communication
  • working with the right team, exercising leadership by actively contributing to the community

Desire conveyed complementary insights and personal experiences around:

  • leadership as constantly evolving and as a continuous improvement process
  • learning how to best listen and calibrate the needs of the team and the business
  • maintaining the emotional health of the team and how to be vulnerable and open to feedback in that context
  • building strong working and productive relationships with investors and board members

Once again, congrats to everyone involved in yesterday’s Demo Day.

IIT Real Time Communications 2014: Cloud Track Outreach.

image      image      image

In addition to what’s going on at the event’s home site,  I am experimenting with a variety of online communication tools such as innovarista (my blog), an event calendar on Built-in-Chicago and a new group on meetup.  Admittedly, I am curious to see how this effort works out, as well as any learning on best practices moving forward.  In case you wondered, ongoing twitter, facebook and LinkedIn updates are also part of this mix.

Being this a communication technologies conference, it just makes sense to take advantage of cloud based engagement services.  Additionally, I have spent sometime on meetup looking into other groups whose members might be interested in what we are doing.  So, I have forwarded an individual request to the various meetup organizers to help spread the word with the following:


“The Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup Group is an informal professional group focused on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering cloud computing innovation.”

“We provide an open, comfortable environment for fellow cloud computers and newcomers alike to meet and discuss related news, best practices, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology niche. We welcome people from all backgrounds, not just IT, to come learn and network in the community.”

“This group will try to meet on the third Wednesday of every month. The location will vary, but it will always be in the Downtown Chicago area, the loop.”


“CloudCamp is an ‘unconference’ where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. Come share your cloud experiences, challenges and solutions.”

“At CloudCamp, attendees are encouraged to share thoughts in open discussions and short talks. End users, IT professionals and the cloud curious are all encouraged to come! As always, the unconference provides vendor-neutral and unbiased opinions. As a community, we try to answer questions and discuss issues in a fun and educational way.”

“The events are both educational and an opportunity to network with fellow cloud users. We keep vendor sales pitches to a minimum by giving the audience ‘red cards’ – if you don’t like what the speakers are saying send them off! CloudCamp Chicago is part of the global network of CloudCamp events. CloudCamp Chicago is curated and organized by Margaret at CohesiveFT. Look for events every 2 months or so, and suggestions via email / twitter / linkedin always welcome! @CloudCamp_Chi”


“Let’s Collaborate about Collaboration Have you ever gone to a User Group Meeting just to be sold to? Be part of a new UC User Group that you will name, create topics of discussion, have your peers be your SME’s.”

“It doesn’t matter what UC platform you have deployed or are thinking of deploying (or kicking the tires of many). What matters is that you have a successful communications infrastructure strategy that gains employee adoption and provides good ROI. Come prepared to SHARE your challenges and Brainstorm about topics that keep you up at night. Here are some ideas to spark the discussion:  Mobility and At Home workforce solution, Defining your workforce needs, Has video redefined your collaboration strategy, Changing workspace, Aha moment, UC as a Service (Cloud) Vs. On-prem, Scalability…”


“Initiated by the Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communications Lab http://voip.itm.iit.edu/ , we are interested in WebRTC API’s, protocols, and applications that support browser-based, real-time, P2P communications.”

“This includes the standarization work underway at the IETF (RTCWeb) and the W3C (WebRTC), as well as the resulting disruptive new use cases, and business models it is creating. If you believe WebRTC is the future of real-time communications, collaborate with us as we create a thriving local community around this emerging technology!






“The Chicago Mobile Meetup Group is an informal professional group focused on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering mobile technology innovation.”

“We provide an open, comfortable environment for application development enthusiasts to meet and discuss related news, best practices, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology niche.”

“We welcome people from all backgrounds, not just IT, to come learn and network in the community.”

“This group will meet on the last Thursday of every month. The location will vary, but it will always be in the Downtown Chicago area, the ‘loop’.



“Join us if you would like to hear about upcoming Tech Talks hosted by Morningstar, Inc. in Chicago, IL.”

“We’re about: Tech Talks, Internet & Technology, Open Source, New Technology, Cloud Computing, Web Services, Mashup Programming, Platform as a Service, Programmable Web, DevOps, Software Craftsmanchip, Mobile Technology, High Scalability Computing.”