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Lean NFV Ops: Communication Networks Reloaded @ Intel CNV Workshop

“This workshop will focus on the Intel Network Builder Fast Track program pillars – optimization, interoperability, and integration – which align to some of the key challenges the industry faces as we transform the network.  Presentations by Intel and many of our ecosystem partners will focus on successes and how to work together to resolve some of the remaining challenges. High level agenda topics include: solution optimization success stories, solution blueprints and integration success stories, interoperability challenges and standard benchmarking efforts. And, don’t forget to join us for drinks, appetizers, and conversation at the networking reception at the end of the day 5:30pm – 7:30pm. For further information, or to register for the Intel® Workshop & Network Builders Reception, please contact Owen Lochner.”  – Carrier Network Virtualization, Crowne Plaza, Palo Alto, Monday November 30th 2015 from 1pm-7pm.


Once again, out team thanks Intel for the opportunity to feature the work of Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) on Lean NFV Operations. This time around, I will join Intel’s “Architecture for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Workshop” at Carrier Network Virtualization 2015. Here is the talk’s info:

Title: Communication Networks Reloaded

Abstract: Innovation is prompting a new wave of dynamic and contextual communication experiences. These are based on fast evolving cloud applications whose growth is placing relentless demands on service delivery and network performance. Basic expectations on agile service launch and effortless lifecycle management are challenging conventional architectures and business models, which are now commonly referred to as “legacy”. Equally important, the Present Mode of Operations (PMO) and siloed organizational behaviors can impair new capabilities. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) involves a set of emerging technologies and has been the subject of numerous Proof of Concept (PoC) projects to date. Shifting to production environments and “going live” faces new chasms that can be crossed with end-to-end service level orchestration and by adopting and evolving “Lean” design and operational practices. This tech talk discusses findings and insights from the “Lean NFV Ops” program at Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC), which this year alone has interfaced with 1,500+ industry representatives worldwide.

Bio: Jose de Francisco is a Director at Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Innovation Center (CIC). His experience in the high tech sector and software business includes leadership responsibilities in product line management, partnerships, marketing and strategy. Jose has worked with Bell Labs on next generation mobile platforms and holds three patents. He is a Member of the Advisory Council at MIT’s Engineering Systems Division and the recipient of an MBA in International Marketing and Finance from Chicago’s DePaul University as a Honeywell Europe’s Be Brilliant Scholar. Jose also holds a postgraduate degree in Human Factors Engineering from Barcelona Tech and his endeavors can be followed on innovarista.org and @innovarista.  


See you there ; )


IIT Real Time Communications 2014: Cloud Track Outreach.

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In addition to what’s going on at the event’s home site,  I am experimenting with a variety of online communication tools such as innovarista (my blog), an event calendar on Built-in-Chicago and a new group on meetup.  Admittedly, I am curious to see how this effort works out, as well as any learning on best practices moving forward.  In case you wondered, ongoing twitter, facebook and LinkedIn updates are also part of this mix.

Being this a communication technologies conference, it just makes sense to take advantage of cloud based engagement services.  Additionally, I have spent sometime on meetup looking into other groups whose members might be interested in what we are doing.  So, I have forwarded an individual request to the various meetup organizers to help spread the word with the following:


“The Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup Group is an informal professional group focused on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering cloud computing innovation.”

“We provide an open, comfortable environment for fellow cloud computers and newcomers alike to meet and discuss related news, best practices, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology niche. We welcome people from all backgrounds, not just IT, to come learn and network in the community.”

“This group will try to meet on the third Wednesday of every month. The location will vary, but it will always be in the Downtown Chicago area, the loop.”


“CloudCamp is an ‘unconference’ where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. Come share your cloud experiences, challenges and solutions.”

“At CloudCamp, attendees are encouraged to share thoughts in open discussions and short talks. End users, IT professionals and the cloud curious are all encouraged to come! As always, the unconference provides vendor-neutral and unbiased opinions. As a community, we try to answer questions and discuss issues in a fun and educational way.”

“The events are both educational and an opportunity to network with fellow cloud users. We keep vendor sales pitches to a minimum by giving the audience ‘red cards’ – if you don’t like what the speakers are saying send them off! CloudCamp Chicago is part of the global network of CloudCamp events. CloudCamp Chicago is curated and organized by Margaret at CohesiveFT. Look for events every 2 months or so, and suggestions via email / twitter / linkedin always welcome! @CloudCamp_Chi”


“Let’s Collaborate about Collaboration Have you ever gone to a User Group Meeting just to be sold to? Be part of a new UC User Group that you will name, create topics of discussion, have your peers be your SME’s.”

“It doesn’t matter what UC platform you have deployed or are thinking of deploying (or kicking the tires of many). What matters is that you have a successful communications infrastructure strategy that gains employee adoption and provides good ROI. Come prepared to SHARE your challenges and Brainstorm about topics that keep you up at night. Here are some ideas to spark the discussion:  Mobility and At Home workforce solution, Defining your workforce needs, Has video redefined your collaboration strategy, Changing workspace, Aha moment, UC as a Service (Cloud) Vs. On-prem, Scalability…”


“Initiated by the Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communications Lab http://voip.itm.iit.edu/ , we are interested in WebRTC API’s, protocols, and applications that support browser-based, real-time, P2P communications.”

“This includes the standarization work underway at the IETF (RTCWeb) and the W3C (WebRTC), as well as the resulting disruptive new use cases, and business models it is creating. If you believe WebRTC is the future of real-time communications, collaborate with us as we create a thriving local community around this emerging technology!






“The Chicago Mobile Meetup Group is an informal professional group focused on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering mobile technology innovation.”

“We provide an open, comfortable environment for application development enthusiasts to meet and discuss related news, best practices, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology niche.”

“We welcome people from all backgrounds, not just IT, to come learn and network in the community.”

“This group will meet on the last Thursday of every month. The location will vary, but it will always be in the Downtown Chicago area, the ‘loop’.



“Join us if you would like to hear about upcoming Tech Talks hosted by Morningstar, Inc. in Chicago, IL.”

“We’re about: Tech Talks, Internet & Technology, Open Source, New Technology, Cloud Computing, Web Services, Mashup Programming, Platform as a Service, Programmable Web, DevOps, Software Craftsmanchip, Mobile Technology, High Scalability Computing.”



Demystifying the fast emerging Carrier Cloud

“Becoming and staying relevant in today’s cloud environment is not only driven by offering more services faster, but also by understanding the emergence of new tectonic plates such as the fast shifting Carrier Cloud. This is a game changing paradigm, one which entails the underlying infrastructure and platform behind NFV, Network Functions Virtualization coupled with SDN, Software Defined Networking, at scale.”

“Moreover, the rationale behind engineering next generation SDPs, Service Delivery Platforms, and OSS, Operations Support Systems, in the digital communications industry has to do with delivering a pool of shared and fully automated network resources that developers addressing multimedia services (voice, video, data) with QoS, Quality of Service, do not need to replicate and can, therefore, take advantage of with the right SLA, Service Level Agreements, in place.”

“This redefines mutually beneficial “coopetition” where rich communication services are set to outdo or even make over-the-top ones better. A perfect match for Carrier Clouds purposely built to deliver a pool of shared cloud and network infrastructure: a programmable carrier grade fabric enabling the ecosystem to operate with unprecedented agility, unparalleled scalability and, equally important, at cost efficient levels. But what will it take to get there?

IIT Real Time Communications Conference & Expo – Program Schedule, Tuesday October 15 at 10:00am.


Tomorrow Tuesday I will be speaking at IIT Real Time Communications conference. I am scheduled to contribute to two sessions. The first one is a panel discussion that takes place at 9:00 am (see below). Thereafter, I will be presenting on “demystifying the fast emerging carrier cloud.”

My role in the panel is to cover the WAN, Wide Area Network, side of the story, which relates to how cloud technologies are impacting the more conventional network operator environment. Then, in my talk, I will further develop what the new carrier cloud entails and will position NFV, Network Functions Virtualization, and SDN, Software Defined Networking, as key developments in that space.

By the way, the above picture was taken at last year’s event where I also joined a panel. Back then, the topic I was engaged in had to do with a business ecosystem. Telcos and OTT, Over the Top, players did not yet see eye to eye for the most part. My belief was that we were already entering a new ecosystem where coopetition would become a fact of life for all of us. That should permeate through the value chain and, hence, happen in everyone’s best interest.

A year later, I do think that we are actually turning a corner for the better. The growing integration of IT and Carrier technologies is fostering one another’s awareness and understanding on what each brings to the table. That alone is changing behaviors on both sides by blending technologies and practices where it makes sense. We are now innovating at the intersection as well. Frankly speaking, many of us do not think that unnecessarily prolonging a debate in terms of seemingly irreconcilable bell-heads vs. net-heads is the way to go in what’s now the cloud age. So, I highly recommend attending Sarah Reedy’s panel discussion on Tuesday at 3:00 pm, which will involve T-Mobile’s Ahmad Armand, AT&T’s Mike Paradise and Comcast’s Ken Greene.

See you at IIT Real Time Communications Conference 2013.

“Panel participants will provide a set of defined perspectives that will allow participants to put each of the presentations of the Cloud Track into the context of the Cloud Service Consumer, Cloud Service Provider, and Cloud Service Creator. The Security, Resiliency, Performance and Governance of the Cloud will be woven into the discussion as examples are presented.”

IIT Real Time Communications Conference & Expo – Program Schedule, Tuesday October 15 at 09:00am.