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Design Thinking 2022, Chicago, April 4-6

Glad to share that I have renewed my commitment to serve with the Advisory Board for Design & Innovation Global, the Community of Designers and Innovators making a difference with Human Centered Design across consumer, enterprise, public and non-for-profit sectors.

As part of the Advisory Board, it’s humbling and inspiring to work amongst outstanding design leaders and innovators who support the continued growth of interdisciplinary professionals devoted to quality and value creation.

As we start to return to live onsite events, the team is developing exciting plans for this year. I look forward to getting together with seasoned practitioners, thought leaders, trailblazers, design executives and those who are developing an early interest in customer centric solutions.

This year, join us for Design Thinking 2022 in Chicago, April 4-6. Check out the event info below and stay tuned for more!

View event info here: https://bit.ly/3u5QD7z
Check out the full 2022 Advisory Board: https://bit.ly/3IIbjGL

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Design Thinking 2021: Conference Discount Code DT21_Francisco

Looking forward to exchanging insights on human centered design (HCD) and human factors engineering (HFE) at this year’s Design Thinking conference in Austin. Feel free to use my discount code DT21_Francisco to secure an additional 20% off your registration: https://bit.ly/2UQvRJX. View the full agenda: https://bit.ly/38fOsCf.


Design Thinking 2021 Conference: Digital Transformation Enterprise Award Finalist

“We’re excited to announce the Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation Finalist for the 2021 Design & Innovation Awards!  The awards celebrate and recognize innovation and human-centered design (HCD) accomplishments across communities and organizations. Come join us this September 20th at Design Thinking 2021”  

Design & Innovation Global. For more information, visit designthinkingusa.com  #DIAwards2021 #DesignThinking2021

This is my third post on this year’s Design Thinking 2021 conference. Earlier ones shared information on my talk about Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HC AI) and another award opportunity in the Design Champion category.

The list of finalists for the Enterprise Award Category feature Carrier Global Corporation, BetterUp and Nokia. Our team shares best wishes with our peers at Carrier and BetterUp. We look forward to connecting at Design Thinking 2021 to exchange insights and discuss our common passion in furthering the relevance and business impact of design in everyone’s best interest.

In Nokia’s case, there is a need for crediting the tireless work performed at our Venture Design Studio (VDS) in the area of new product and service innovation by six cohorts since the VDS’ inception. Customer centric practices, interdisciplinary skills and creative talent shape our diverse mindset. That leads to a set of emerging and non-conventional workstyles that we put to the test across a number of initiatives addressing system design, operations and collaborative knowledge sharing.

Our co-creation engagements range from early use case ideation to the design of sophisticated systems conceived to create new value while operating at ease. We deliberately seek meaning and outcomes that effectively transform how our customers, partners, peers and also ourselves work to get things done. In this context, intertwining value, simplicity and culture articulates principled design decisions.

Venture Design Studio at Nokia Cloud & Network Services