I am very grateful for the following 20+ testimonials, which can also be reviewed on LinkedIn’s recommendations section.

“I met Jose while exploring co-creation and joint innovation projects with several strategic allies and corporate partners. Jose proved to be an outstanding leader of a cross-functional team of high caliber folks from several companies not only because of his technical prowess, creative and far-forward thinking that earns him respect of others, but also because he is a great person to work with.”

“Jose has a resume packed with awards and achievements, professional excellence reflected in the numerous recommendations. Instead of reiterating that, I want to emphasize how much I appreciate that, even after we no longer had projects in common, Jose always made himself available to discuss a new challenge, to explore solutions regardless whether within his mandate or not. That is not to be taken for granted from someone of his professional stature and workload.”

“Jose is exceptionally positive, constructively looking for solutions and path forward, an approachable, consultative person to work with. His passion just rubs off on you. I would be excited about any opportunity to work with Jose again and consider those who do have that chance to be very lucky indeed.” 

P.S., Sr. Account Director, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose has become known to me as one of the smartest people I know, and as a friend. I don’t write many recommendations. But I am writing this one because it needs to be known or shared that Jose is a man of integrity. It takes time to go from a phone call to business agreement to contract. Integrity all the way through, particularly during the business environment of 2020.”

“One of the smartest, most read and humble person I know. He makes a difference in conversations, in business and with visions and plans to design things that will change the world.”

R.V., Digital Interactive Director, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I met Jose de Francisco when developing our inaugural Design Thinking Austin event at the Customer Management Practice. Since that time, Jose has sat on our Design & Innovation portfolio advisory board, helping to shape the content and direction of our events and speaking at many of them”.

Jose’s thoughtful contributions and deep industry insights have consistently been integral to our success. On the stage, Jose is particularly talented at communicating complex, technical concepts in a way that any audience will understand. From large, keynote presentations to small, targeted breakout audiences, he can command, entertain and educate any size of audience. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come!” 

M.D., Head of Product Development, event industry.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is a dynamic leader with innovative ideas on how to co-design technical products directly with customers. He is an excellent communicator and also operates at a very technical level in a way the customer and others can understand. In general, Jose is a pleasure to work with, he is extremely capable, and has my full endorsement!”

A.L., Director of Engineering, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is a designer and technology visionary who is deeply committed to improving the human experience. He has spent his career developing next generation network products and enabling technologies that are poorly understood outside of engineering circles.”

“He has a keen understanding where technology is heading, but is always looking for ways that technology can make our lives better. In an industry that is often dominated by a ‘let’s build it and they will come’ mindset, his focus on customer and business value really stands out. His passion for innovation and thinking about the future is palpable and infectious. He is also simply great fun to work with. I have learned so much from Jose.”

C.W., CEO, global design firm.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is an exceptional, driven innovator who brings an infectious energy and passion to all that he does. I have always appreciated his multi-dimensional thinking and willingness to investigate new ideas. He is consistently able to get the best from the people he works with and can make new projects fun.”

“I have worked with him as he has demonstrated the ability to take complex ideas and present them in an easy to understand way which makes him great in front of customers and executives. Jose is a true visionary and I look forward to his next big idea.”

M.G., Sr. Global Business Development Manager, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I’ve worked with Jose on some important cases around the world and his ability to apply innovative ideas and make the team think ‘outside the box’ has always impressed me and helped me to learn a lot.”

“He excels at communication skills for senior executives and leading teams to achieve what he’s committed to. I strongly recommend Jose.”

A.S., Head of Advanced Consulting Services, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“It’s been a great pleasure of mine to work and be friends with Jose. Jose is a champion of innovation and a proven leader in the technology world. We met and worked together in the early stages of virtualizing telco networks. I am eagerly anticipating to learn and work in new areas where Jose will drive fundamental improvements through superb design thinking and leadership push”.

D.K., CEO, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is a true talent in Design and Design Thinking and has made a substantial impact on the Nokia Software Business. Jose was instrumental in our Solution Engineering team being awarded Innovation of the Year for the work on Lean Ops. Jose would be an outstanding addition to any ‘forward looking’ team as a Design Leader.”

B.H., Global Executive, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I had the privilege of being Jose’s coach/manager in the Intelligent Networks’ product management organization. He demonstrated initiative and passion in his work on the eVPN offer. I relied on his expertise to support customer bids and presentations. I highly recommend Jose!”

C.B., Sales Executive, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I worked closely with Jose while at Alcatel-Lucent for over five years and was constantly surprised with the sheer energy, brainpower and focus that Jose brought to every project. He has a solid understanding of the markets and emerging trends and is exceptionally talented at not just identifying opportunities to innovate but also at developing actionable plans and executing upon them with laser sharp focus in the middle of ambiguity.”

“He is great at distilling complex challenges and communicating them very effectively to his team and leadership. Jose was our COO for the entrepreneurial venture ‘Voolant’ at Alcatel-Lucent resulting in a highly innovative and disruptive solution for multicasting personalized high definition video to consumers. Jose is an innovator, out-of-the-box thinker, a leader and a great presenter who gets the work done.”

J.S., Senior Vice President, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. Furthermore, he is extremely methodical in his approach and definitely a person to rely upon for advice and counsel. In my 35 years of experience in dealing with professional people, he ranks at the very top of my list”.

M.G., Managing Partner, angel investor.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jose on several high-level projects. Jose is a strategic thinker, highly motivated and very conscientious. He will do whatever it takes to see a project through—from the research phase, to analyzing the data, to delivering the results in an impactful presentation. If I were asked to lead an important project, Jose would be one of the first persons I would enlist for help.”

J.G., Corporate Strategist, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I worked directly for Jose for about three years at Alcatel-Lucent. Jose’s primary characteristics as a leader included boundless creativity, energy and enthusiasm. He also instilled a business perspective in those working for him, resulting in a number of promotions from his group. He represented Alcatel-Lucent and was a major contributor to a number of external industry activities related to the process of innovation. Overall, it was a pleasure and a real learning experience working with Jose.”

J.A., CEO, healthcare technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose has a tremendous ability to spot emerging technologies, identify the business opportunity, and formulate a plan to exploit. His innate intellectual curiosity is remarkable, as a result he’s always three steps ahead based on his own initiative.”

“He is a dynamic speaker, able to capture and hold an audience, and he creates fantastic demos and visuals which bring to life the topics he is presenting. Jose is one of a small group of people that I have worked with in my career that is always ‘moving the needle’ in terms of his daily impact on the business and organization.”

J.C. Senior Executive, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

”Jose is a top talent product manager! Excellent experience with Intelligent Networks products, offerings, and customers worldwide. Always a true team player! Always seeks and executes win-win solutions. I highly recommend Jose!”

M.B., CEO & President, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is a highly innovative thought leader in Telecom. He has remarkable insights into customer, organization and market behavior. He brings lot of energy, innovation, drive and positive outlook to any group.” 

R.G., Senior Technologist, government sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose is a highly motivated innovator and thought leader who is widely respected by all he works with. He has the unique influential ability to inspire through his vision of the future of the wireless world and emerging technologies.”

“Jose is also a great people manager who understands the importance of developing talent to its full potential in accordance to needs and direction of business. His experience, creativity, vision and leadership abilities have positioned Jose to be the successful and influential business leader that he is today. Jose is truly an asset to any organization that he chooses to lead.”

M.S., Program Management, risk management sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose possesses a high level of intellectual curiosity and enthusiastically shares his knowledge and expertise. I could always count on Jose to provide my team with informative presentations about the latest emerging technologies that could be leveraged over the service provider platform and solutions we were building. Jose we generous with his time, provided good insights, and was eager to engage others in the pursuit of future innovations.”

B.M., Owner, marketing firm.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“Jose’s passion for effective design, and representation of data in a concise way so that the information of a project is clearly-understood, is pervasive in every presentation he makes to customers and senior management.”

“He is unique because he continually uses new technology and software to increase efficiency, drive results, and stay focused on the execution of the program. I always learned something new from Jose.”

G.A., Director, Vertical Programs, technology sector.
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations Section.

“I have worked very closely with Jose and continue to be inspired by his creative spirit. I believe his greatest strengths are the envisioning of completely new ideas, and equally important, conveying those ideas to others in compelling and understandable ways.”

“He possesses a unique ability to intuitively understand the complexity of things, while enabling others to effectively ‘experience’ them by identifying and extracting the salient elements. Seemingly unrelated concepts are creatively merged to provide something better, something new, something exciting. He is regularly tapped by executives for his ability to think outside of the box.”

D.B., Chief Data Scientist, technology sector.

“Mr. de Francisco has a particular flair for design and presentation, both of argument and visual layout. He is an excellent communicator. It is clear to me that he is committed to excellence and rising to the full challenge of whatever he undertakes.”

“I find him to be a principled, reflective and earnest individual who injects creativity and spirit into the tasks he undertakes.”

M.H, Director, Teaching and Learning, academia.